Barbros Group maintains strict supervision both of its plant production and also all site works. The results of this strict control is evident in the satisfaction manifested by our clients for projects undertaken and completed. Depending on the project, Barbros Group engages professional firms for Land Surveying, Health and Safety monitoring, Quality Assurance and the Project Management of large projects. The outsourcing of these functions has enabled The Group to remain competitive, efficient whilst maintaining the standard of work required.

Barbros Group has established its own in house Quality Assurance facilities in order to maintain high quality and consistency both of products produced on the plant and also for site works. This laboratory was set up in 2004 and has always been annually calibrated. Products are manufactured according to BS and EN standards.

Today, The Group has a team which has acquired experience in the collection, transportation and testing of samples. The internal team is assisted by an external consultant with considerable years of experience in testing and certification. Not all tests can be carried out in house. For tests which the in house laboratory cannot handle or where specifications request independent testing, The Group uses the services of Solid Base Ltd.