The Barbros Group is a group of companies that has evolved around the paradigm of providing an umbrella of services related to construction. The companies that the Group is comprised of SB Properties, Schembri Barbros, and Schembri Concrete Blocks provide a myriad of services such as Construction works, Building materials, Concrete, Bricks, Granite and marble as well as Real Estate Development.

Since its inception, The Barbros Group has always strived to provide professional services while at the same time ensuring sustainability and growth. High standards and professionalism have always been important. This is evidenced by the ISO 9001 which was awarded to the group as well as the long list of prestigious projects that the group was entrusted with. The in-house Quality Assurance facilities are more evidence to the Group's commitment in maintaining high quality and standards consistently and all products are manufactured according to BS and EN standards.

The Barbros group is also committed to preserving the Maltese environment and the workforce is trained to be aware of the environment so as to ensure that due emphasis is placed on its protection and site cleanliness. Whenever possible, materials are either re-used or recycled and, when not, waste is always carefully disposed of in accordance with current guidelines and legislation.