This project involved the rehabilitation of the closed landfill in Marsascala, formerly used as a dumpsite in the 1970’s.

The Sant’Antnin Family Park is intended as a leisure area for both local and foreign visitors. The project is spread over 80 tumoli of land. As part of the recreational park, the construction of a Belvedere area has been undertaken by Schembri Barbros Ltd. Mainly the works involved the construction and finishing works of the Belvedere facilities.

Works continued to cover the construction of pathways along the area in natural stone paving and cladding of the footpath walls in rubble stone. Schembri Barbros Ltd. was responsible for the soft landscaping of this area as well as the installation of a hard stone seating area.

An extension to this project, as part of the same park, has been the construction of a wa[1]ter course valley for collection of natural water. This has been constructed using in-house customized precast elements.

Great care has been taken to ensure the complete merge of this area to complementary blend in with its natural terraced surroundings.