This project is unique in its type since it constitutes in the restoration of St. James Bastion, Porta Reale Curtain, St James Curtain Wall and Counterguard in Valletta.

The project consists of restoration works to the faces, superior slope, platform terrace, passageways, external areas and elements of the above mentioned parts forming part of the Valletta Landfront Fortifications. The works include primarily the restoration of deteriorated masonry fabric, removal of cement‐based renders and pointing, stabilization of detached masonry facings, cleaning, and reinstatement/reconstruction of missing/ deteriorated sections of the masonry fabric and the stabilization of the rock face.

Since the particular context of the site is highly sensitive, it is has been the group’s commitment to ensure that the historical fabric of the site is in no way compromised by the works performed. All works are being carried out in accordance with established standards, statutory requirements and to the highest levels of workmanship fitting for this prestigious project, which will guarantee an excellent result.